I'm currently locked in the edit suite with three projects back to back - but one of them has been a very long while in the making . . .

Often you have crazy ideas that you need to keep on the back burner in the hope that one day they'd reach the light of the day . . . Knowing full well that they won't. Well, a few months ago I won the brief from a fabulous new electro artist . . . Pretty fearless himself, he gave me free reign to go wild with a concept.

And so I did.

The video is a massive labour of love - interweaving elements from all my bizarre reference points and creative heroes - and I needed to call in every favour I could muster, and rally all my dream team around. Even my dad  - Tom Lally - who's an art director and graphic designer in his own right was shipped into London to swell the ranks and get the video off the ground! In another life he would easily have given Derek Meddings a run for his money on the Thunderbirds set, so I was so happy Papa Lally got the chance to unleash all his creativity in the video's intensive production design and model-making. Father and son on a film set . . . Hmm. Could've been a recipe for disaster - but it was humbling, and incredible.

It was great to work with family on this - and also the friends in my team who are pretty much family to me over here . . !

I can't give too much away now, but watch this space. And prepare your eyes for a retina-blindin' scorcher . . .