In late December I directed a portfolio of sponsorship idents for The Simpsons on Channel 4. Shockwaves are rebranding and relaunching with this sponsorship campaign - and their young, vibrant image is a perfect match for animation's first family of fun . . .

Produced by the creative agency The Outfit and commissioned by Procter & Gamble, the idents mark my first TV commercial work. Nerve-wracking - but incredibly fun to work on! The aim was to revitalise 'n' reintroduce the Shockwaves brand to a young audience with a vibrant, poppy campaign that showcased a variety of models across a host of interlinking films. Starring a cast of eight models - each with their own particular Shockwaves hairstyle - the ident campaign debuted last week and is on course to run for the next year during The Simpsons on Channel 4. That's every weekday at six for the next year . . . Hehe - the kind of blanket coverage I can get onboard with!

The models' Shockwaves hairstyles typify their characters across the idents, and their modern looks stand out in a retro Americana environment - packed full of old school paraphernalia like a foosball table, film projector and even an 80s 'Shockwaves' arcade game . . !

Each model's ident will be revealed over time so keep on tunin' into The Simpsons. But first up? See below . . .




Late last year I was commissioned to direct a series of online banner and header ads by CMW . . . The brand? Special K. The ingredients? A pair of iconic red heels, a heavenly white staircase and the gorgeous model Merissa Porter.

To coincide with Special K's TV and billboard "Dear To Wear Red" campaign, the banner ads were launched this month and are now steadily poppin' up all over the ol' interweb . . .

I couldn't resist reinterpreting my footage with a voiceover and music into two teaser ads, and a 15 second commercial cut . . . Check 'em out below.



2012. BRING IT ON . . .

A new year - and new challenges.

I've so far directed an online banner campaign for Special K's "Dare To Wear Red" campaign, as well as a series of TV idents for Wella Shockwaves - soon to debut on Channel 4. Watch this space for the completed films . . .

There's also a brand new fashion film entitled "A Quiet Rage" which will exclusively premiere on the Fault Magazine website - and as an editorial spread in the magazine itself -  in February. A dark expressionist project with my right-hand woman and styling supremo Helen McGuckin . . . I can't wait to unleash it.

And I've just been signed to a new music video company, and agent for online directing projects. More excitin' details to follow.

So yes! Quite the busy boy. Long may it continue . . !