Et voila!

At long, long, LONG last is my personal ode to 1960s fashion dolls . . . and 1960s creature feature B-Movies!

As previously blogged about, this is the debut video for electro act Velvet Code. My concept was to go for the camp, twisted jugular - and create a video that’ll get people talking. Joyous, ridiculous, manic. The narrative unfolds with a warped version of an early 60s fashion doll in an abandoned ‘Dream Home’. My central idea was Miss Havisham meets Vintage Barbie - with a good dollop of Baby Jane stirred into the psycho mix . . . And hell hath no FURY like a doll scorned!

The visuals were a huge labour of love for me - and couldn't have been possible without my friends 'n' AMAZING creative dream team of Charlie Herranz, Nina Butkovich-Budden, Issidora and Rachel Pearce . . . And also a call to arms for my ol' Dad Tom Lally in production design.

Myself and Tom collaborated on the look and concept art for The Toy Bride's abode - a surreal Beetlejuice-meets-David Lynch dream house. This is a world of stridently minimalist - but KAPOW - art direction, head-trip styling, and scorching colour. And everything was made in paper or plastic . . . Keeping that early 60s, hand-crafted, kitsch vibe running through and through!


And below are the credits listing my fantastic team - and rendered in the video in a suitably grunged up, retro style!